Services (self-publishing/editing/writing)

Services (self-publishing/editing/writing)



Want to self-publish your own book? You can!

If you haven't got the skills, time or desire to DIY, Christina can do the hard work for you, from constructive editing (making sure your book sounds great!) to formatting your manuscript (.doc) into an eBook (.epub, .mobi etc) and a print-on-demand paperback (pdf). She can also assist in cover design, ISBNs, proofreading, author page, bio, book blurbs, blogs, Facebook pages and other social media.


Want to sell more books online? Here's how!

With well over 150,000 eBooks sold online and four Amazon #1 best-sellers, Christina is an expert at digital sales and marketing and can teach you the tools and tricks, from correct keywords and categories to setting up your author Facebook and Twitter pages, scoring online reviews, and accessing the hottest book marketing and promotion sites.


Freelance Writing/Editing

With 30 years' experience in traditional freelance journalism and ten in digital content creation, Christina is a one-stop shop for your commercial media market needs.

Q: Do you need an entertaining, informative and thoroughly researched article written for your publication, website or blog?

Q: How about a fresh menu of original and engaging story ideas? Or a professional edit and proofread before it all goes "live"?

Q: Are you after an experienced writer to take on that column or stock page, or pen the story of your life, your family, your business or your passion?

Christina also edits articles, blogs, books, publications and websites, develops and designs magazine, media and book concepts, and commissions content providers and other contributors so you can relax knowing you're in the hands of an experienced professional. (Ahhhh…)


Guest lectures & private tutorials

Want to learn how to write/edit better? Start a memoir? Finish a book? Turn your manuscript into an eBook or paperback? Or market your book/business better? Christina teaches every facet of publishing, from coming up with an idea to selling it online, as well as creative business writing/marketing. Contact her directly for one-on-one sessions, or check out her upcoming subsidised classes at community colleges right across the region:


Official Fees/More Info…

Private tuition and consultation fees start from $150 an hour, minimum two hours. Discount package deals available for long-term projects, starting from $500 a project. PLUS:

  • Manuscript Assessment: $1000 for a full read and 2-4-page appraisal of your work (with general comments on what's working, what's not, and how to improve it).
  • Constructive Editing: from $2500 a project. This includes full read, 2-page appraisal and more comprehensive, line-by-line comments and suggestions (within the text) for improving your work, with track changes you can approve or ignore at will 🙂

For more info or to book in, don't hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]