Want to publish your own book? You can!

If you haven't got the skills, time or desire to DIY, Christina can do the hard work for you, formatting your manuscript (.doc) into an e-book (.epub, .mobi etc) and a print-on-demand paperback. She can also assist in cover design, ISBNs, author page, bio, book blurbs, blogs, Facebook pages and all manner of digital social media.

Want to sell more books online? Here's how!

With well over 150,000 e-books sold online, Christina is an expert at digital sales and marketing and can teach you the tools and tricks, from setting up your own author Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, to getting online reviews, and accessing legitimate online marketing, advertising and promotion sites.

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With 11 best-selling, self-published books under her belt, Christina is at the forefront of digital publishing and marketing, and is an expert in:

* E-BOOKS: designing, formatting and uploading e-books for sale on websites like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo…

* PAPERBACKS: designing, formatting and preparing print-on-demand paperbacks using the global leader CreateSpace, the easiest and most affordable option for indie authors

* DIGITAL MARKETING: including setting up author Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites, getting online reviews, and accessing online advertising and promotion


Guest lectures & private tutorials

Want to turn your manuscript into an e-book or a paperback to sell online or to friends and family? Christina can teach you everything you need to know about self-publishing through Amazon, Smashwords and CreateSpace as well as providing important information on digital marketing, cover design, ISBNs, author pages and so on. You will learn how to DIY—from starting your manuscript to selling it on websites like Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Larmer Media is Christina's professional and versatile editing business that can handle all kinds of publishing needs, from journalism to biography and fiction.
Q: Do you need an experienced writer to take on the story of your life, your family, your business or your passion?
Q: Do you need something researched, proof-read or
formatted into an e-book or paperback?
Q: Are you after an entertaining and informative article or
blog written for your publication or website?

Christina also edits articles, publications and manuscripts, develops and designs magazine and book concepts, writes/ghost writes personal and corporate biographies, and offers writing advice and courses.