WIN: Up to 30+ eBooks and Gain Access to Deals & Steals…

WIN: Up to 30+ eBooks and Gain Access to Deals & Steals…

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I may rave about my love of cozy mysteries, but I also pen another crime series that’s a little less cozy and a lot more cutting edge. The Ghostwriter Mystery Series stars feisty amateur sleuth Roxy Parker, a ghostwriter with a penchant for Merlot, a taste for murder, and an uncanny knack for being in the wrong place at the right time!

And this week, you can jump aboard with her in the 5th—and best-rated—Ghostwriter adventure of them all: Words Can Kill, for just 99c. Or, better yet, sign up with my mates at Authors Cross Promotion to be in the running to score a FREE copy of that ebook, plus 29 others. Yep, that’s 30 ebooks, if you’re lucky! Just click on the link, below:

The offer lasts as long as the sale: from July 17-23, so don’t hesitate. For more on Roxy and her fifth adventure, read on…

WORDS CAN KILL: Ghostwriter Mystery 

Pack your designer luggage, we’re heading to Europe for the fifth, fast-paced adventure in the popular Ghostwriter Mystery Series…

This time we’re on a missing person’s case, and it ain’t no holiday. Hunky photographer Max Farrell has vanished into thin air, last seen in the arms of a blonde floozy at a Swiss mountain resort, and his best mate, Roxy Parker, is trying to play it cool. But when Max’s flatmate shows up murdered, followed soon after by the floozy, Roxy realises Max’s life is hanging in the balance, and she is his only hope.

In the latest Ghostwriter Mystery (each one a stand-alone story in itself), Roxy heads to Europe with Max’s hilariously self-absorbed sister. Together, they follow a series of clues that take them from the heights of Mt Pilatus in Switzerland to the azure Mediterranean Sea, encountering brash German police, secretive Swiss soldiers, and an Italian Lothario with evil in his heart.

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