Meet my Merlot-Swilling Sleuth–For Less Than $1 // Paperbacks $12

Meet my Merlot-Swilling Sleuth–For Less Than $1 // Paperbacks $12


"Light fun books. I just gobble them up!"
"Nice to see smart women acting smart."
"I couldn't put them down. Dramatic, Exciting, Suspenseful!"

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Long before the Murder Mystery Book Club and my SuperSleuths, there was Roxy Parker and her motley crew. A ghostwriter of other people's life stories, Roxy is a smart-talking, merlot-swilling commitment-phobe with a disapproving mother, a smitten best mate, and an all-consuming obsession with true crime. It's a good thing, then, that Roxy's clients keep getting murdered!

BOOK 1 & 7: FREE (or 99c @Amazon)*

In the very first adventure, KILLER TWIST, socialite Beatrice Musgrave is found ripped to shreds below her cliff-top mansion. The police suspect suicide but Roxy smells a rat. She's been ghostwriting the heiress's story and has uncovered a secret worth killing for.

In the seventh and latest installment, WITHOUT A WORD, young Phoebe awakes to find her entire family has vanished. Twenty years later, Roxy is hired to write Phoebe’s story. Phoebe wants to show how far she’s come. Roxy’s more interested in the missing family. Why did they just disappear? How? And can Roxy hunt them down?


Whether you're into eBooks or paperbacks, you can now shadow Roxy on all seven of her breathless adventures—from the Aussie outback to the Italian Riviera—for less!
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