On the Book Behind the Book

On the Book Behind the Book



My longtime readers will know I changed the title of my Agatha Christie Book Club series to The Murder Mystery Book Club back in 2021. Part of the reason was to expand the range of books my beloved gang could dissect.

After all, there's only so much one can say about the Queen of Crime (sorry Agatha)…

With that in mind, when I sat down to write book 5 in the series (now finished; out soon, I promise!), I chose, as inspiration, a very different kind of mystery, a much more modern one called The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.

I really enjoyed that read and knew the club would, too (after all, they went cruising themselves in Book 2, remember?). What's more, that book was a massive, global bestseller, which meant that many of YOU would have had a chance to read it, too. In turn, that means you are now better placed to enjoy some of the subtle similarities I have sprinkled throughout the text. While my story is actually very different to Ware's (no one goes missing, let me assure you) the point of this series is to celebrate murder mysteries and pay homage to other crime writers.

And that's where you come in…

I need a fresh suggestion before I start work on book 6! What mystery do YOU think my book club should study next?

Got any ideas? The book has to be a pretty well-known murder mystery, the sort of book a crime-loving club would devour. It needn't be as famous as a Christie novel but it does have to have made an impact globally as well as being fun, fast-paced and packed with adventure.

Get in touch!

If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to let me know:

  • Murder Mystery book title
  • Book author
  • Why it's such a gripping read (just a few words will do)

You never know, your choice could be the next book my club dissects when they get together for the sixth installment, which I start work on in early February.

But that's not all!

Every one who gets in touch with suggestions will be in the running to WIN a free copy of the NEW Murder Mystery Book Club (book 5) when that one's released in January 2023.

Sound good?

Then email me NOW; I can't wait to hear from you. Just contact me at: [email protected]


MORE ON BOOK 5 (out soon)

The fifth Murder Mystery Book Club will be available for purchase at the start of 2023. Like The Woman in Cabin 10, this one is set on a stunning superyacht, but this time a group of revellers are sailing the Great Barrier Reef and it's a honeymoon cruise… except not all of them are honeymooners, and there's at least one killer in the group.

Luckily for the victim, one of the real honeymooners happens to be one-time member of the Murder Mystery Book Club, Claire Hargreaves. And, luckily for Claire, her book club have not forgotten her and are willing and able to jump aboard and help her solve the mystery!

Catch up on the story

I promise to share more in the next blog (or sign up for my newsletter here), as well as a title and cover reveal. Until then, you can catch up on the story (and work out who Claire is marrying) by downloading Book 4: When There Were 9. It's available at all good digital book stores, or via one of the links on the home page here.

Happy (book club) reading, everyone.
xo Christina