Get NINE brain-bending books for less

Get NINE brain-bending books for less


The Ghostwriter Mystery Series

Scoop up eBook copies of ALL SEVEN installments of my very first murder mystery series — THE GHOSTWRITER MYSTERIES — for less than $8! Yep, that's seven books for the price of two lattes. Mmmm…

I'm discounting the entire series as part of SMASHWORDS' massively popular annual "Read an eBook Week" promotion that runs from MARCH 3-9, and that's why it is ONLY available @Smashwords online, so don't hesitate to check it out. The sale includes:

$0.00: Killer Twist (Book 1) — that's FREE, folks!

$0.99: A Plot to Die For (Book 2) & Without a Word (Book 7)

$1.49: Last Writes (Book 3), Dying Words (Book 4), Words Can Kill (Book 5) & A Note Before Dying (Book 6)

SALE RUNS: March 3 — 9


The Widow on the Honeymoon Cruise

Can't wait until March 3 or not a big fan of eBooks? Then head 

straight to your favourite online book store NOW and grab the fifth adventure in the MURDER MYSTERY BOOK CLUB series, The Widow on the Honeymoon Cruise.

This time, I'm joining forces with BOOKBUB to discount both the EBOOK and the PAPERBACK versions of this one, but only for FIVE days, so don't be a slouch! Sale includes:

$0.99 for the eBook (down from $4.99)

$12.95 for the paperback (down from $19.95)*

SALE RUNS: February 24 — 28

*NB: Paperback sale only available at Amazon online. Paperback price based on US$ and will vary in different territories and sites (soz!)


Blind Men Don't Dial Zero

Finally, a very special sale for my fellow Australians! F

or the entire month of MARCH, Amazon Australia have chosen to p

romote the very first book in my newest murder mystery series, THE SLEUTHS OF LAST RESORT — Blind Men Don't Dial Zero.

And they're not just discounting it,  they're slashing it.

$1.49 for the EBOOK (down from $5.99)

Aussie readers can find it at online from March 1. For those just interested in learning more about the book and/or the series, check it out here.

AUSSIE SALE RUNS: March 1 — 31