New Supersleuths Series on Pre-order

New Supersleuths Series on Pre-order

YES, FINALLY, I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS. For those who like to get in early, the first book in my new crime series, Sleuths of Last Resort—Blind Men Don't Dial Zero—is now available to pre-order.

Just check out the links below. And, yes, I did tweak the title slightly since my last newsletter, for the trainspotters amongst you!

Here's what this one is about…

by C.A. Larmer
Five strangers compete to solve one Impossible Mystery. There are millions at stake and two weeks to do it.

Police say the case is open-and-shut. The heir to a massive fortune, Heath Burlington, slaughters his parents, calls and confesses to the crimes, then turns the gun on himself. Heath's grandfather says, "Not so fast." With the case now closed, the wealthy mogul assembles his own crack team of detectives—five amateur sleuths with a nose for mystery and a need to prove themselves—then pits them against each other to solve it.

THE IMPOSSIBLE MYSTERY: "Prove Heath's innocence and you get $1 million each. The sleuth who makes the biggest breakthrough scores a bonus million. The sleuth who does the least gets nothing." They have just two weeks.

* Cluedo champ Merry (she can read a crime scene like no other);
* Reckless PI Kila (his rule-breaking is just what this case requires);
* Bestselling crime author Martin (he wrote the book on Locked Room Mysteries);
* Dinosaur ex-detective Earle (he crosses his Ts and has the contacts);
* Fearless crime reporter Frankie (she knows the case inside out. Or thought she did…)

AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS… As the story twists from Sydney’s clifftop mega-mansions to the shadowy Snowy Mountains and back, the sleuths must learn to work together—and to their skill-set—to solve the mystery and face their own demons before their time runs out.

From the best-selling author comes an exciting new series for fans of fun, fast-paced whodunnits.

BOOK GOES LIVE: Friday 13th of August


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