Pre-order Now: sliding doors-style mystery

Pre-order Now: sliding doors-style mystery

My latest stand-alone mystery is now available and ready for pre-orders. (Hurrah!) To get your copy delivered straight to your e-reader, just click on the link here. Otherwise, look out for it August 14, and happy reading!


by C.A. Larmer

LAUNCH DATE: August 14, 2019!

After they had pulled my battered body from the dark sand I began to wonder: What if? What if I had never met a handsome stranger on a Greek ferry, or two possessive Sydney lads, or set off on a journey with an old school friend with a chip on one shoulder and a crush of her own?’

It’s the mid-1990s, pre-mobile phones, and a young backpacker must make a terrifying choice—will she jump ship with an alluring Greek man she’s just met? Or stay safely on the ferry and miss what could be the love of her life?

One woman, two choices, which way does she go?

In this Sliding Doors-style psychological thriller, we follow Millie Malone and her friends across two dfferent lifetimes: in one life she remains in the belly of her friends, and in the other she throws caution to the wind and jumps.

One life leads to true love, the other leads to murder.

This is a story of choices, and how one bad decision could end up being the best decision of your life.