Magical Mystery Book Sale (aka Cool Stocking Fillers!)

Magical Mystery Book Sale (aka Cool Stocking Fillers!)

BOOK SALE: My Most Heartfelt Mysteries Now On Sale!

Yes, indeed. It's THAT time of the year again, when the bells are beginning to jingle and the tinsel is beginning to sprinkle, and that Christmas gift list is starting to freak you the hell out!

That's where I come in…
For the next few weeks, I'm offering my Posthumous Mystery series for a drastically reduced price. You can now grab the eBook from just 99c (at all eBook online retailers) and the paperback for as little as $9.99 at Amazon worldwide*.

Why The Posthumous Mysteries?
Not only is this my best-rated crime series—with an average 4.5/5 stars—but it's also my most heartfelt, and each stand-alone story is brimming with love, laughter, tears and joy, with an extraordinary ending that will lift the spirits of everyone you love.

And what more can you ask from a Christmas pressie?


Just like playing Cluedo—from above the crime scene!
In each richly humorous story, the victim is floating above their own corpse, imploring you to help solve their murder, before they're consumed by that pesky light.

While YOU'RE given a strategic, bird’s-eye view of the crime scene, it's really the victim's OWN faults and failings that have to be addressed if they ever want to rest in peace. Each mystery takes place over just a few hours and you'll be clenching soggy tissues by the heart-wrenching, twisty end.

A little magical, a little cozy, a brilliant Christmas gift idea to fill that eReader or pop under the tree!

*NB: Amazon pricing may vary between countries due to local taxes. Apologies, folks!