PRE-ORDER NOW: Murder Mystery Book Club 6 (whoop!)

PRE-ORDER NOW: Murder Mystery Book Club 6 (whoop!)

Those of you who love a game of CLUEDO (or CLUE to my US readers), are really going to enjoy my latest whodunnit, the sixth MURDER MYSTERY BOOK CLUB — Gone Guest.

In this one, a guest has gone missing at a Cluedo-style Gothic mansion during a fancy birthday party, and so the book club must abandon their champagne flutes and start searching.

As they dash from the PATIO to the LIBRARY, the GUEST HOUSE to the OBSERVATORY trying to locate the missing man, they quickly stumble upon a dead body — but it's not who they expect…

This is a fun, fast-paced mystery with all the usual twists and turns, but there's also lashings of French bubbly, gourmet sushi, glittery frocks, and enough red herrings to baffle even our expert amateur sleuths.

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Murder Mystery Book Club 5

Four couples set sail on a luxury honeymoon cruise. Only two will survive. Luckily for the victims, one of the newlyweds happens to be a member of a very nosey book club…

It’s supposed to be Claire Hargreaves’ dream honeymoon, cocooned on a superyacht with a handful of couples and six crew, exploring the Great Barrier Reef. But when a passenger is found floating lifeless amidst the coral, romance soon plays second fiddle to murder.

The killer HAS to be one of the group, and Claire couldn't be more exhilarated (just don’t tell her new hubby, Simon!). He owns the vessel and is so worried he winches in Detective Liam Jackson, followed by the MURDER MYSTERY BOOK CLUB, masquerading as newlyweds.

In this gripping, closed-circle thriller, the gang are back on the high seas, but this time they're drawing inspiration from a modern murder mystery. There are ten secretive suspects to choose from, a stalled engine that may have been sabotaged, and nothing but their sleuthing skills—and some rather fabulous cocktails—to see them through.

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